You’re flying by the mountains, and you feel like you’re gonna reach paradise, the happiest abode in the universe, when suddenly- you hit upon a flock of birds and crash to the ground. You wake on our bed and realise that you never were flying.

We have many times felt like falling down when asleep but actually not. Well no, this aint any sorcery. Well rather it’s more common in children and stressed men than any normal guy.

This falling-down-feeling-from-bed-but-not-actually-fallen is called a Hypnic Jerk or hypnagogic jerk or sleep start or  sleep twitch or night start or jump is an involuntary movement (movement of muscles without you wanting it to move) is due to a minor ‘misconception’ of the brain.

When your stressed up muscles are trying go to rest & slacken and send relaxation signals to the brain and your never resting brain misunderstands these signals to be that of imbalance and falling off. The brain in-turn to save ‘itself’ (the brain is the most selfish and the most dependent organ) sends signals to the muscles in an attempt to regain balance.

Well you see even the brain can be fooled. So how smart do you think you are?